Seven Sisters

  • $5.00

The seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione, to the Greeks, the Pleiades shine brightly enough to spot easily on a clear night in the constellation Taurus. They are very young daughters, only 100 million years or so, and as they dance together across space through a cloud of interstellar dust, they make a sprightly and vibrant family.

Kansas City, Missouri | © December 2012


Make someone's whole day with a handwritten card!

Our photographic Greeting Cards come with an archival photo print on the front, reproducing the scene in vivid color and detail and made to last a lifetime. Mounted on 5x7 linen card stock, the blank cards provide a smooth, quality writing surface with plenty of room.

The title and a description of the nature encounter appears on the back, plus the place and date the photograph was taken. Card comes with envelope in an individual clear plastic protective sleeve.

Many people pin the cards to their wall! It also can be framed to make a nice addition to the decor. Either way, they will remember your thoughtfulness.

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