About the Skyboy

Hi! I'm David Bayard, a Kansas City photographer and woodworker with a lifelong love of the sky. I got hooked by a strange unexpected cloud back in 1985 and having stopped sky-gazing since.

Nature is something most of us can't get enough of...and usually don't get to be immersed in often enough. We're here to help! Photography will bring nature to you, your work space, your home, in many different ways:

Greeting cards: When's the last time you got one in the mail? A personal written note is an intimate way to connect with others, one that won't likely get lost in the shuffle. Our photographic cards are also something folks want to pin on the wall once they've read your message!

Prints: Displaying a picture of the sky is like adding a new window! Open up your vista with one of our archival prints, matted or framed. Makes a great gift too.

Easel Art: A unique hand-sized painting on its own easel, looking like a freshly painted outdoor scene! 

You can get in touch with us by phone at 816-765-0080 or by email at db@skyboyphotos.com. Call or write with any questions or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!