About the Skyboy

Hello! My name is David Bayard. I'm a photographer, poet and woodworker with a lifelong love of the natural world. 

My photography begins at the ground, with images of woodland and garden, then works upward to the sky and weather -- storms, sunsets, rainbows and all manner of unusual clouds. The nighttime sky is also a subject for my camera, astrophotography of the weather of deep space.

I present nearly forty years of photography, along with nearly as many years of poetry and writing, celebrating the wonder of the world we live in. My greeting cards, books, prints, and gift items bring the great outdoors to your indoor environment. 


We love hearing from you! 

Email: db@skyboyphotos.com

Phone: (816) 765-0080

Studio: 3201 Martha Truman Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64137