About Skyboy



      Hello, I'm David Bayard, a woodworker, photographer and poet with a deep love of nature.

      In North America, my species ranges from the northern Boundary Waters to the Gulf Coast, from California to the forested mountains of Pennsylvania. Today I am found primarily in the up-slope meadows, open prairies, and densely wooded hillsides of the Midwest ~ specifically Kansas City, Missouri. 

      Woodworking and furniture making has been my vocation for about forty-five years. You can commission me to build your dreams by going to Samurai Woodworks and getting in touch for a free consultation.

      The sky holds a special fascination for me ~ the Earth's weather during the day, the rest of the universe at night. Sometime in the fall of 1989, a red banner of cloud drifted over the house to captivate my attention. I ran for the camera. A few years later, dashing breathlessly into the film store with another three rolls of 36-exposure film, all skies, the owner looked up and cried, "Well, if it isn't Skyboy!" The name stuck.

      A love of words and writing was fostered early in life by my parents, Jean and Robert. Recently I turned my attention to poetry. I found that I loved it. You can't declare yourself a poet; you have to wait till someone else calls you one. Someone did. Now I am.

      Skyboy Photos makes my photography, woodwork, and poetry available in greeting cards, print images and books. I hope you'll step into the studio and join me.


 I love hearing from you! Contact me by  

Email: db@skyboyphotos.com

Phone: (816) 765-0080

Studio: 3201 Martha Truman Road

Kansas City, Missouri 64137