About the Me



     The David Bayard species ranges from the northern Boundary Waters to the Gulf Coast, from California to the forested mountains of Pennsylvania. Today it is found primarily in the up-slope meadows, open prairies, and densely wooded hillsides of the central Midwest. 

    You may encounter this creature in the early dawn or near sundown grazing on local views of the sky, sniffing wildflowers, chasing butterflies and spouting preposterous poetry. Shy by nature, it may be approached if you are soft and kind.

     Observers have reported hearing its distinctive calls, humming "Nature Boy" by Talking Heads, spouting blank verse or singing songs, and seen it wandering through the world in wonder at the beauty and grace we all too often take for granted.

     If you should encounter this odd specimen in the brush, do not be alarmed. It is wild but essentially harmless. Do not attempt capture.

     This Skyboy Photos website harvests the work of this unusual creature and makes it available to the public. Its photography, woodwork, prose and poetry are crafted to bring calm and harmony to the world and to provide a bit of entertainment in the process.

     Here is some grainy footage captured recently of the creature in its natural habitat: