Gathering the Self: Poems of the Heart

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Chuck the bucket list. The greatest adventure in life is not scaling Everest or swimming the English Channel. It is the courageous voyage of exploration sailing into uncharted ocean of the self. "Who am I?" is the question that begins the odyssey.

These thirteen poems and stories illustrate the author's own journey, exploring subjects from spring flowers to galaxies, death and despair, sexuality, spring rain, family healing and fallen rose petals upon a table.

Illustrated with the author's photography of the dragonfly, "Breaker of Illusions," this book lends valuable insight into the difficulties and joys of uncovering and gathering the authentic self.

Here's a reading of Poem #11, called "Chrysalis." Enjoy!


Gathering the Self: Poems of the Heart is 7-1/2" x 9-1/2". 104 Pages, with black-and-white illustrations. Published 2018, Copyright by Skyboy Press.

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