Gathering the Self: Poems of the Heart

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Thirteen poems and stories of healing, self-discovery and personal truth.

Who am I? For that matter, who are you? What are we doing here together? Poetry can help answer some of these ageless mysteries—even though every answer brings a thousand new questions. Share the joy of gathering the self in this Baker's Dozen of humorous and insightful poems and stories, using warmth, keen observation and curiosity as pathways to the true nature of the soul.

Accompanied by the author's vivid photography of the dragonfly — the "Breaker of Illusions." Curl up in your favorite spot, slow down the breath and take a bite of these Pommes de Coeur: Apples of the Heart.

Here's a reading of Poem #11, called "Chrysalis." Enjoy!


Gathering the Self: Poems of the Heart is 7-1/2" x 9-1/2". 104 Pages, with black-and-white illustrations. Published 2018, Copyright by Skyboy Press.

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