Walking on Air
Walking on Air
Walking on Air
Walking on Air

Walking on Air

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 Walking on Air

The view of the sky from the sky is an amazing thing to behold. Imagine yourself flying through the air high above the earth!


   Your custom Sky Portrait joins your fabulous photo with this luscious backdrop to create an original image!

   With the Basic Portrait, you get a digital file (jpg or format of choice) of the image to print, share or enjoy, along with two archival photographic prints shipped to your address for free. Or choose the Portrait with Framed Print, a digital file along with a fully framed photographic print, in a handmade frame under non-reflective glass, ready to hang.

How to order your Sky Portrait:

  • Send me your photo by email to db@skyboyphotos.com. The higher the resolution of your photograph, the better it will look! (If the file is too large to email, contact me so I can arrange another way to send it.) 
  • Let's discuss this! You can send your ideas, requirements, and instructions in the same email. Better yet, call 816-765-0080 to contact me by phone and we can discuss the Sky Portrait personally. 
  • When you're ready, pick one of these backgrounds. Then choose the basic package of a digital file and two prints, or a digital file along with a fully framed print. 
  • Purchase your Sky Portrait by clicking the "Add To Cart" button. At the checkout page, enter your name, address, and payment information and complete your purchase.
  • I go to work on your Sky Portrait! When I'm done, I will email the digital file back to you and ship your Sky Portrait prints or framed print with free shipping. You should have your finished work within two weeks.
  • Enjoy your new custom universe!

     Call me at (816) 765-0080 or email db@skyboyphotos.com if you have any questions, comments, or special ideas about your portrait!