Four Seasons

  • $18.00

Delight a dozen of your closest friends and family with a boxed set of twelve blank cards. Who wouldn't welcome a little love in their mailbox?

Four vibrant scenes of sky, forest and deep space from our nature photography will carry them into a world of mystery and wonder! Every box has three cards of each scene with a title and description on the back, making twelve cards, plus thirteen envelopes in a clear box.

Useful for all occasions ~ birthday, wedding, shower, holiday, or Christmas ~ any time you need an assortment of colorful cards. Or better yet, stock up so you'll always have a card handy for any occasion. Include a card with your next gift. (Hint: the best reason is just because you're thinking of someone special.)

We use the highest quality Canon archival ink to make a vivid and crystal-clear image on quality cardstock, one that will last and last. What are you waiting for? Let someone know you are thinking of them and make their whole day!

Celebrate all four seasons of the year with a dozen greeting cards. Colorful scenes of winter, spring, summer and fall let you connect with friends and family all year long!

~ After the Snow ~
A heavy, wet snowfall produces flakes that stick to anything they touch, freezing themselves into these silly shapes glistening in the afternoon sun.

~ We Fit Together ~
Lingering fragments are all that is left of the day's cumulus clouds, and they dance together in the orange light below high cirrus clouds.

~ Dog Day Sunset ~
Lacy clouds divide the circle of the sun into golden fragments as the falling light washes land and sky an ever-deepening red.

~ Autumn ~
As summer moves on towards cooler days and nights, fall gently renames the warm season colors one by one.

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