Greeting Cards

     Connect with nature while connecting with friends and family!

     Because of the Covid-19 crisis, we are giving five free greeting cards to any and all customers. 

     One of the things that will help us through this challenging time is maintaining a connection with those we love. There is no substitute for a hug, handshake, or one's personal presence, but a handwritten card expressing your own thoughts, sent to someone you care about, comes pretty close! 

     So until further notice, I am offering five cards free. I hope you'll take me up on this offer, but if you don't get cards here, get cards somewhere. Employ the advantages of the original -- some say still the best -- Social Media. 

     Here's how to order your five free cards:

Pick your favorite greeting cards and add them to your cart
Then to claim your five free cards, it's not a special art:
On the cart page underneath the items that you chose
There's a window, "Discount Code", where you can enter prose.

With your keyboard type out "FIVECARDS" in the window.
Click "Apply". Your first five cards are free -- you can shout Bingo!
Go ahead and place your order, we'll receive it at the shop
Where we'll get it, fill it, box it, and in morning mail drop.

When they arrive at your place, you'll have a chance to write
Words your peeps will want to read and cherish day and night.
For few ways to connect compare, when we're so far apart,
With ink and paper in a card with a message from the heart!

     Feel free to order more than five, of course, or from our boxed card collection. In any case, your first five cards will be a gift from me that I am honored to give.

     Thank you!

     Choose your favorites from over seventy archival-print greeting cards. All orders from Skyboy come with free shipping.

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77 products