The Path ~ Photo+Poem

The Path ~ Photo+Poem

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Every encounter with nature tells a story.

Photo+Poems combines a photograph of sky or nature with a short poem inspired by the experience. The result is a unique way of telling the story of nature through word and image.

The archival print comes matted and ready to frame in three sizes, 8" x 10", 11" x 14" or 16" x 20" standard frame size. (Framing also available upon request.)

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~ The Path~

There are many paths through the wood, nearly as many as there are travelers. It can be hard to choose correctly, but any path which is undertaken with heart will always lead in the direction of home.

Grandview, Missouri | © 2005


Text of the Poem:

   When we walk upon the earth, our footprint send tiny tendrils deep into the soil. 

   The path we choose then grows to become the beautiful root of the soul.