Dreamers in Flight ~ Photo+Poem

Dreamers in Flight ~ Photo+Poem

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Every encounter with nature tells a story. 

Photo+Poems combines a photograph of sky or nature with a short poem inspired by the experience. 

The result is a unique way of telling the story of nature, whose touch always leaves our heart more full, our spirit more engaged. 

The archival print comes matted and ready to frame in two sizes,  11" x 14" or 16" x 20" standard frame size. (Framing also available upon request.)

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"Dreamers in Flight"

Worlds upon worlds are being born in the Horsehead Nebula, so huge that light itself takes years to travel across. Great clouds of gas and dust that make new suns and planets are swirling together in a dynamic deep space dance, a cosmic dream of ongoing creation.

Cameron, Missouri | © October 2015


Text of the Poem:

O life is made of heaven
We can see it sometimes when we dream
Our days were meant to shine out
Pinpricks on the black dome of night
Dreamers in flight



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