We Are Eternal

  • $25.00

Imagine you came indoors from a painting session, cleaned your brushes and sat down to enjoy your work. No one will know it wasn't you!

"We Are Eternal" ~ Three separate cloud layers present themselves at once, as sunset paints them three different colors: high cirrus is white, mid-level altocumulus bright red, and low cumulus is in shadow, just visible floating over the darkened forest, whose shape it seems to mimic.

Kansas City, Missouri, 1998


Easel Art combines a miniature canvas print of our nature photography with its own collapsible stand ~ as if the painter just finished his work and left if for us to view. But the "painting" is our original nature photography printed on genuine canvas print paper...and it's hard to tell the difference. We even paint a thick clear gel varnish over the surface to give it realistic brush strokes!

Each canvas print is 4" x 6", wrapped around 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood. It is removable with one brass screw and can be replaced with another print from the series. The Cherry Wood easel stand is 7" tall and folds flat for display on a wall, or for storage.

We choose the photos for this collection that most perfectly resemble paintings. Imagine a Turner sunset or a Monet lily pond with the ink still wet!

These make a great display on a tabletop or featured item in a collection. Or great gifts too!

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