5-D ~ Matted Picture-Poem ~ Dreams

5-D ~ Matted Picture-Poem ~ Dreams

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Picture-Poem ~ Combining Word and Image

  The matted print is a standard 16x20 frame size. The poem text is in a deeper double-matted window, printed on Nepali lakta paper, or Thai specialty paper.

Picture-Poems combines a photograph of the sky or nature with a short poem inspired by the experience. The result is a unique way of telling the story of nature through word and image.

The hinged matting window allows you to adjust the photo or poem, then mount in a standard picture frame ~ and hang or display anywhere in the house to lift your spirits!

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 A lone soul watches in wonder as the revelry sparks across the night, a joyous multitude sending their golden flares into the soft evening air.

Kansas City, Missouri | © 2015

Text of the Poem:

Keep working your dreams ~
Those whose meanings are yet asleep and 
Those which you have awoken and keep.