4 ~ Fling Your Banner ~ Framed Photo+Poem

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The framed print is a full 16" x 20" matte. The poem text is in a deeper double-matted window, printed on Nepali lakta paper.

Photo+Poems combines a photograph of sky or nature with a short poem inspired by the experience. The result is a unique way of telling the story of nature through word and image.

Framed Print ~ Matted print mounted behind non-reflective glass in a handsome black frame!

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"Contours of Your Heart"

The moon plays hide and seek with an incoming cloud deck, spilling its soft shadows across the night sky.

Kansas City, Missouri | © 2007


Text of the Poem:

She reveals herself to us whole,
All at once, through all space and time.
We see her but partly, in pieces,
Yet in every sweet moment sublime.