4-E ~ Happiness Grows ~ Framed Picture-Poem

4-E ~ Happiness Grows ~ Framed Picture-Poem

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   The framed print is a full 16" x 20" matte. The poem text is in a deeper double-matted window, printed on Nepali lakta paper.

   Picture-Poems combines a photograph of the sky or nature with a short poem inspired by the experience. The result is a unique way of telling the story of nature through word and image.

   Framed Print ~ Matted print mounted behind non-reflective glass in a handsome black frame, ready to hang. 


"Happiness Grows"

There must angels in the air who love to string willowy Cirrus over the blue expanse, heat the bubbly Cumulus to a boil, and wait and watch until the skies become a firmament in which our own true angels can soar.

Kansas City, Missouri, 2005


Text of the Poem:

Happiness is not
so much discovered
as gently, bit by bit