Hi, artisans and craftspeople!

     This year the PeaceWorks KC Art Fair 2020 is being held online ~ a virtual fair. The process is different from what you may be used to. It's probably new to you. It's new to us, too. 

   Since this is a new experience for all of us, it might be intimidating. And not all of us are tech whizzes! If you'd like to participate in the Fair, you'll be helping us break new ground as Art Fair Pioneers.

   We will give you all the help you need to succeed. You can do this! And you'll gain skills which will come in handy not just for the PeaceWorks KC Art Fair but all your future fairs.

     To get started, this page has been created just for you. But BoothCentral, the platform which we will be using for the Fair, also has extensive help menus, tutorials, FAQs, and personal support through an ever-present chat window at the bottom left of every page. In the process of applying for the PeaceWorks KC Art Fair you will be creating a free account with BoothCentral which comes with all these freebies. In addition, you might want to use your account to apply to other fairs both real and virtual through them too!


   We suggest you first watch the videos below. Then go to the following link to access the application for the PeaceWorks KC Art Fair:

[insert link to Booth Central App Page]

Hope to see you there!

Introduction to the Virtual Fair

How to apply for the Fair

Creating and Uploading Photos

Creating and Uploading Photos